The use of technology now plays a key role in our service delivery and we utilise the latest technology systems to support our security personnel. Our investment in the use of effective security technology systems has been found to advance our service to perform above the industry standard. We are currently developing an Adept App, that will revolutionise the industry.


iAuditor enables our staff to create instantly accessible forms and check sheets in a digital format, providing management teams with immediate access to information. iAuditor delivers an increased level of visibility that helps raise safety and quality standards across the organisation.


Kiwi Analytics software provides additional value to our CCTV systems by assisting with tasks such as people counting, object detection, activity visualising and remote monitoring.


Risk Watch assists our security teams by tracking user location, creating an audit trail of times, places and events. The system provides reassurance to our staff and acts to monitor, assist and locate staff in the event of an incident.